Nitra is one of the oldest cities in Slovakia, which was founded on seven hills. One can say about it, it is a paradise for archaeologists. In addition to the rich history of Nitra is also known as a center of agriculture, whether young city, as there are established two universities, namely the University of Constantine the Philosopher and the Slovak University of Agriculture.

The territory of Nitra is almost thirty thousand years continuously inhabited. In Nitra lived prince Pribina, who gave in to build and consecrated the first Christian church in Slovakia. King Rastislav that territory invited Thessalonian brothers Constantine and Methodius, that among our ancestors spread the Christian faith in their native language. Constantine also owe the first Slavic Glagolitic size.

The most dominant monument in the Nitra castle, which had previously been a mighty fortress, which withstood the attacks of Mongolia. The castle is entered from the Upper Town. Upper Town is the most impressive part of Nitra, adorned with precious historical buildings such as the Church. Peter and Paul, small and large workshop with Diocesan Library, in which hundreds of rare books, manuscripts and incunabula, Klucha palace, which supports the corner stone giant Atlanta, Nitran intimately called Champions.

Nitra – these are the new districts and neighborhoods, streets and roads, parks and small parks, reliefs and sculptures are also new modern buildings, landscaped spaces, businesses and factories. Is also carried out regular exhibitions in the area of agro-single exhibition of its kind in Slovakia.

Every year in Nitra held cultural, sporting and social events, of which it is worth mentioning Reality Cultural Summer, Nitra, Nitra nice… Theatrical Nitra, Nitra Music Autumn, Christmas Nitra and many more.

Attractions of Nitra:

Population: 80 920 (as of 1. 1. 2015)
Urban area: 108 km2
Altitude: 167 m asl.
Suburban parts: Dolné Krškany, Horné Krškany, Staré Mesto, Čermáň, Klokočina, Diely, Párovské Háje, Kynek, Mlynárce, Zobor, Dražovce, Chrenová, Janíkovce