Minibar soft drinks for free

In April have guests during soft drinks from the minibar for free!


Sushi March in Hotel Centrum*** Nitra

New Year Sparkling Wine For Free

Accept the invitation for a FREE glass of sparkling wine in January.

Christmas punch

Christmas punch with us during the whole month of December

Pork specialties

In november we are offering home- made pork specialities.

Chocolate fondue

Chocolate fondue with pieces of fruit waiting for you in October.

Seasonal vegetable and fruit salads

Mix seasonal vegetable and fruit salads enrich our buffet breakfast in September

Italian Breakfast

Typical Italian breakfast will be part of our breakfast in August

Fresh vegetable and fruit juices

Only in our hotel you will find in july fresh vegeteable and fruit juices, which are served during breakfast

Traditional Slovak Breakfast

Slovak traditional breakfast – in the month of June you will enjoy with us original Slovak Breakfast

Cheese tasting

Cheese – tasting throughout the month of May , we have prepared you tasting of quality international cheeses.